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The following page offers you systematic access to our extensive product range of chemicals and chemical products. We have arranged our products in alphabetical order to enable you to search easily and efficiently. Our range includes acids, alkalis, solvents, solids, heat transfer media and other chemicals and chemical products that are used in a wide variety of industries.This overview is intended as a reference source and reference work for our customers and business partners. You can find all the necessary information about our products here, be it for scientific research, industrial applications or general research.Our products are precisely categorized and - where available - provided with detailed descriptions that include areas of application, technical data and safety instructions. This allows you to search for specific articles and obtain comprehensive information.We place the highest value on product quality and safety and therefore only offer products that are manufactured with high-quality raw materials and in accordance with applicable standards from renowned producers. If you have any questions or need further information, our experts will be happy to help you.This page is intended to help you browse our product portfolio and find the right chemical solutions for your individual needs. We are always ready to support you in selecting the right products and to help you with your concerns.We value your interest and trust and look forward to serving you as a reliable partner in the world of chemistry.


Acetic acidAcetic acid 25 %MSDSAcetic acid 30 %MSDSAcetic acid 60 %MSDSSPEZAcetic acid 60 %chemical pureAcetic acid 80 %Acetic acid 99-100 %MSDSSPEZAcetic acid 99-100 %chemical pureMSDSSPEZAcetoneAcetoneAcetoneAcetonePharma gradeAcumerAcumer 1000MSDSAcumer 1100MSDSAcumer 2000MSDSAcumer 2200MSDSAcumer 3100MSDSAcumer 6600AdBlue (see also Urea solution)AdBlueMSDSAdBluewith CDSMSDSAdBluewith spoutMSDSAdipic acidAdipic acidAluminium sulfateAluminium sulfate 17-18 %grain size: 0-1 mmAluminium sulfate 17-18 %grain size: 0-2 mmAluminium sulfate 17-18 %grain size: 0-3 mmAmidosulfonic acidAmidosulfonic acidAmmonia solutionAmmonia solution 15 %MSDSAmmonia solution 18 %MSDSAmmonia solution 25 %MSDSSPEZAmmonia solution 12.5 %Ammonia solution 31.75 %Ammonia solution 5 %Ammonium acetate solutionAmmonium acetate solution 50 %MSDSAmmonium bicarbonateAmmonium bicarbonateFood gradeMSDSAmmonium bicarbonateFood gradeMSDSAmmonium bifluorideAmmonium bifluorideMSDSSPEZAmmonium chlorideAmmonium chlorideMSDSAmmonium chlorideType U, fine whiteMSDSAmmonium persulfateAmmonium persulfateMSDSSPEZAmmonium sulfateAmmonium sulfatespecialMSDSAntifrogen LAntifrogen LMSDSAntifrogen L 25 Vol.-%MSDSAntifrogen L 32 Vol.-%MSDSAntifrogen L 35 Vol.-%MSDSAntifrogen L 38 Vol.-%MSDSAntifrogen NAntifrogen NMSDSAntifrogen N 25 Vol.-%MSDSAntifrogen N 30 Vol.-%Antifrogen N 34 Vol.-%MSDSAntifrogen N 39 Vol.-%MSDSAntifrogen N 44 Vol.-%MSDSAntifrogen N 46 Vol.-%MSDSAntifrogen N 50 Vol.-%MSDSAntifrogen N 53 Vol.-%MSDSAscalAscal GlasreinigerMSDSAscal L67MSDSAscal UMMSDSAscuperlAscuperlAscusolAscusol EL 259MSDSAscusol Opti 180MSDSAscusol PU 55MSDSAscusol PU 55 eaMSDSAscusol PU 92MSDSAxal (see also Sodium chloride)Axal Pro tablet saltMSDSAmidosulfonic acid see Sulfamic acid


1,4-Butanediol1,4-ButanediolMSDSSPEZ1-Butanol1-ButanolMSDSSPEZ2-Butanol2-ButanolMSDSSPEZBarium carbonateBarium carbonateBenzyl alcoholBenzyl alcoholMSDSSPEZBicar (see also Sodium bicarbonate)Bicar Food 0/13 FFFood gradeMSDSBicar Food 13/27Food gradeMSDSBicar Pharma Excipient 0/6 PPharma gradeMSDSBicar TEC 0/4 ADMSDSBicar TEC 0/50MSDSBicar TEC 27/50MSDSBoric acidBoric acidMSDSSPEZBoric acidOptibor TG, Technical gradeMSDSBoric acidOptibor TP EF, Technical gradeBoric acidOptibor TP, Technical gradeMSDSBrennol AB85Brennol AB85MSDSBrenntaflocBrenntafloc AV 2MSDSBrenntafloc AV 9MSDSBrenntafloc AVM 51MSDSBrenntag CleanerBrenntag Cleaner BT orangeMSDSBrenntag Cleaner XIMMSDSBrenntanol HCBrenntanol HCMSDSSPEZBrindi acid (see also Hydrochloric acid)Brindi acid 30 %MSDSBroxo salt (see also Sodium chloride)Broxo salt 6-15MSDSBudalBudal K 141Food gradeMSDSBudal NA 121Food gradeMSDSButyl acetateButyl acetate 85 %MSDSSPEZButyl acetate 98 %MSDSSPEZ2-Butoxyethanol see Butyl glycolBG see Butyl glycolButyl glycolButyl glycolMSDSSPEZBGA see Butyl glycol acetateButyl glycol acetateButyl glycol acetateMSDSSPEZBDG see ButyldiglycolButyldiglycolButyldiglycolMSDSSPEZButyldiglycol acetateButyldiglycol acetateMSDSSPEZBTGE see ButyltriglycolButyltriglycol ether see ButyltriglycolButyltriethylene glycol see ButyltriglycolButyltriglycolButyltriglycolButylcarbitol see Dipropylene glycol n-butyl etherButyl glycolate see Glycolic acid n-butyl esterBorax see Sodium tetraborate


Calcium carbonateCalcium carbonateCalcium chlorideCalcium chloride 94-97 %MSDSSPEZCalcium chloride dihydrate 77 %MSDSSPEZCalcium chloride solutionCalcium chloride solution 34 %MSDSSPEZCalcium formateCalcium formateCaustic potash solutionCaustic potash solution 20 %MSDSCaustic potash solution 45 %MSDSSPEZCaustic potash solution 50 %MSDSSPEZCaustic potash solution 50 %Food gradeCaustic soda solution (see also 1,4-Butanediol)Caustic soda solution 10 %MSDSCaustic soda solution 15 %MSDSCaustic soda solution 20 %MSDSCaustic soda solution 25 %MSDSCaustic soda solution 30 %MSDSCaustic soda solution 33 %MSDSSPEZCaustic soda solution 36 %MSDSCaustic soda solution 40 %MSDSCaustic soda solution 45 %MSDSSPEZCaustic soda solution 50 %MSDSSPEZCitric acidCitric acid anhydrateFood gradeCitric acid anhydrateFood gradeMSDSCitric acid monohydrateMSDSSPEZCitric acid monohydrateFood gradeMSDSCitric acid monohydrateFood gradeCitric acidFood gradeCitric acid solutionCitric acid solution 10 %MSDSCitric acid solution 50 %MSDSCopper sulfateCopper(II) sulfate pentahydrateMSDSSPEZCyclohexaneCyclohexaneMSDSSPEZCyclohexanoneCyclohexanoneMSDSSPEZCalcium hydroxideCalcium hydroxideMSDSCLF 84CLF 84


Diethylene glycol monobutyl ether see ButyldiglycolDEGBE see ButyldiglycolDiethylene glycol n-butyl ether acetate see Butyldiglycol acetateDiacetone alcoholDiacetone alcoholMSDSSPEZDiammonium phosphateDiammonium phosphateMSDSDibasic esterDibasic esterMSDSSPEZDiethanolamineDiethanolamineMSDSDiethanolaminewith 15 % WaterMSDSDEG see Diethylene glycolDiglycol see Diethylene glycolDiethylene glycolDiethylene glycolMSDSSPEZDiethylene glycol monoethyl etherDiethylene glycol monoethyl etherMSDSSPEZDEEA see DiethylethanolamineDiethylethanolamineDiethylethanolamineDMSO see Dimethyl sulfoxideDimethyl sulfoxideDimethyl sulfoxideDMF see DimethylformamideDimethylformamideDimethylformamideMSDSSPEZDPG see Dipropylene glycolDipropylene glycolDipropylene glycolMSDSSPEZDPGME see Dipropylene glycol methyl etherDipropylene glycol methyl etherDipropylene glycol methyl etherMSDSSPEZDPNB see Dipropylene glycol n-butyl etherDipropylene glycol n-butyl etherDipropylene glycol n-butyl etherMSDSSPEZDisodium phosphateDisodium phosphateMSDSDisodium phosphateMSDSDMM see ProglydeDPNB see Propylene glycol n-butyl ether


2-Ethylhexanoic acid2-Ethylhexanoic acid2-Ethylhexanol2-EthylhexanolEGBE see Butyl glycolEGBEA see Butyl glycol acetateEthylene glycol butyl ether acetate see Butyl glycol acetateEthyl carbitol see Diethylene glycol monoethyl etherEthyl diglycol see Diethylene glycol monoethyl etherEthoxydiglycol see Diethylene glycol monoethyl etherEthanolEthanol 96 %denaturated with 1 % Methyl ethyl ketoneMSDSEthanol 96 %denaturated with 1 % Methyl ethyl ketone, Biocide gradeMSDSEthanol 96 %denaturated with 2 % Methyl ethyl ketone, Technical gradeMSDSEthanol 99 %denaturated with 1 % Methyl ethyl ketoneMSDSEthanol 99 %denaturated with 1 % Methyl ethyl ketone, Biocide gradeMSDSEthanol 99 %denaturated with 2 % CyclohexaneMSDSEthanol 99 %denaturated with 2 % TolueneMSDSEthanol 99 %denaturated with Methyl ethyl ketone, IPA and Bitrex, Technical gradeEPO see EthoxypropanolEthoxypropanolEthoxypropanolMSDSSPEZEEP see Ethyl 3-ethoxypropionateEthyl 3-ethoxypropionateEthyl 3-ethoxypropionateMSDSSPEZEA see Ethyl acetateEthyl acetateEthyl acetateMSDSSPEZEvaporated- and industrial salt (see also Sodium chloride)Evaporated- and industrial saltEvaporated- and industrial saltMSDSEvaporated- and table salt (see also Sodium chloride)Evaporated- and table saltFood gradeMSDSEvaporated- and table saltFood gradeMSDSExxsol D 140Exxsol D 140MSDS


Ferrifloc (see also Iron(III) chloride sulfate)FerriflocMSDSFerrifloc 33 %MSDSFerrogranul (see also Iron(III) chloride sulfate)Ferrogranul 20FormaldehydeFormaldehyde solution 30 %less methanolMSDSSPEZFormaldehyde solution 37 %contains methanolMSDSSPEZFormic acidFormic acid 30 %Formic acid 40 %Formic acid 50 % 50 %Formic acid 75 %MSDSSPEZFormic acid 85 %MSDSSPEZFormic acid 85 %Biocide gradeMSDSSPEZFormic acid 99-100 %MSDSSPEZ


GlycerolEdenor G 99.8 PHPharma gradeGlycerol 86.5 %MSDSSPEZGlycerol 86.5 %vegetable origin, non-gmoGlycerol 99.5 %Glycerol 99.5 %vegetable origin, non-gmoMSDSSPEZGlycolic acidGlycolic acid 70 %MSDSGABE see Glycolic acid n-butyl esterGlycolic acid n-butyl esterGlycolic acid n-butyl ester


HeptaneHeptaneMSDSHeptane < 40 %Technical gradeHeptaneMSDSSPEZHexaneHexaneTechnical gradeMSDSSPEZHexylene glycolHexylene glycolMSDSSPEZHTH-GranularHTH-Granular 70 %MSDSHydrochloric acidHydrochloric acid 10 %Technical gradeMSDSHydrochloric acid 15 %Technical gradeMSDSHydrochloric acid 18 %chemical pureHydrochloric acid 20 %chemical pureMSDSHydrochloric acid 20 %Technical gradeHydrochloric acid 25 %Technical gradeMSDSHydrochloric acid 30 %chemical pureMSDSHydrochloric acid 31 %Technical gradeMSDSSPEZHydrochloric acid 32 %chemical pureMSDSHydrochloric acid 33 %chemical pureMSDSHydrochloric acid 37 %chemical pureMSDSSPEZHydrochloric acid 9 %chemical pureMSDSHydrochloric acid 9 %Technical gradeMSDSHydrogen peroxideHydrogen peroxide 10 %MSDSHydrogen peroxide 30 %MSDSHydrogen peroxide 35 %MSDSSPEZHydrogen peroxide 35 %Biocide gradeMSDSSPEZHydrogen peroxide 50 %MSDSSPEZHydrogen peroxide 50 %Biocide gradeMSDSSPEZ


Industrial salt (see also Sodium chloride)Industrial saltMSDSIron chloride solutionIron(II) chloride solutionIron(II) chloride solution 30 %MSDSIron(III) chloride solution 40 %MSDSSPEZIron sulfate solutionIron(II) sulfate solutionMSDSIron(II) sulfate solution 21 %IsobutanolIsobutanolMSDSSPEZIBA see Isobutyl acetateIsobutyl ethanoate see Isobutyl acetateIsobutyl acetateIsobutyl acetate 98 %MSDSSPEZIsohexaneIsohexaneMSDSIsoparaffinIsopar CMSDSIsoparaffin 120-140Isoparaffin 160-180Isoparaffin 180-190MSDSSPEZIsoparaffin 180-210Isoparaffin 190-210Isoparaffin 205-250Isoparaffin 280-320Isopropyl acetateIsopropyl acetateIsopropyl glycolIsopropyl glycol


Lime milk (see also Calcium hydroxide solution)Lime milk 20 %MSDSLime milk 40 %MSDSLipoxol (see also Polyethylene glycol)Lipoxol 1000MSDSLipoxol 1500Pharma gradeMSDSLipoxol 3000MSDSLipoxol 4000Lipoxol 4000Pharma gradeMSDSLipoxol 4000Pharma gradeLipoxol 6000Pharma gradeMSDS


2-Methyl-1,3-propanediol2-Methyl-1,3-propanediolMagnaflocMagnafloc 10MSDSMagnafloc 155MSDSMagnafloc 156MSDSMagnafloc LT 27Magnafloc LT 30Magnafloc LT 37Magnesia (see also Magnesium oxide)Magnesia 441MSDSMagnesium chlorideMagnesium chlorideMSDSMagnesium sulfateMagnesium sulfate heptahydratTechnical gradeMSDSMagnesium sulfateFood gradeMalic acidMalic acidFood gradeMarcolMarcol 82Pharma gradeMarina (see also Sodium chloride)Marina Plus tablet saltMSDSMarlipalMarlipal O 13/99Cosmetic gradeMarlipal O 13/100Marlipal O 13/30Marlipal O 13/70MarlonMarlon A 350, StrMarlon AS 3Marlon A 365Marlon ARLMarloxMarlox FK 64Marlox M 606MesamollMesamollMetalcleanMetalclean A1Methanesulfonic acidMethanesulfonic acid 70 %MSDSMethanolMethanolMSDSSPEZMethoxybutanolMethoxybutanolMSDSMethyl acetateMethyl acetate 98 %MSDSSPEZMethyl diglycolMethyl diglycolMSDSSPEZMethyl ethyl ketoneMethyl ethyl ketoneMSDSSPEZMIBK see Methyl isobutyl ketoneMethyl isobutyl ketoneMethyl isobutyl ketoneMSDSSPEZMTBE see Methyl tert-butyl etherMethyl tert-butyl etherMethyl tert-butyl etherMSDSSPEZMethylated spirits (see also Ethanol)Methylated spirits 94-96 %MSDSMethylated spiritsdenaturated with BitrexMethylated spiritsdenaturated with Methyl ethyl ketone and IPAMethylcyclohexaneMethylcyclohexaneMSDSSPEZMethylene chlorideMethylene chlorideMSDSSPEZMetrylMetryl HN 130Metryl LN 138MSDSMetryl LN 162-2MSDSMetryl LN 195MSDSMetryl PU-CleanerMSDSMetryl UniversalMSDSMonoethanolamineMonoethanolamineMSDSMonoethanolaminewith 15 % waterMSDSMonoethylene glycolMonoethylene glycolMSDSSPEZMonoethylene glycolFiber gradeMSDSSPEZMonopotassium phosphateMonopotassium phosphateMonopropylene glycolMonopropylene glycolTechnical gradeMSDSSPEZMonosodium phosphateMonosodium phosphate dihydrateMSDSMonosodium phosphateMSDSMarlowetMarlowet 1072Marlowet 5001Marlowet 5056Marlowet R40


Na3TNa3T 15 %Nappar 6Nappar 6MSDSNEP see N-Ethyl-2-pyrrolidoneN-Ethyl-2-pyrrolidoneN-Ethyl-2-pyrrolidoneNeutralac (see also Calcium hydroxide solution)Neutralac SLS 45 45 %MSDSNicasalNicasalNickel chlorideNickel(II) chloride hexahydrateNicke sulfateNickel(II) sulfate hexahydrateNitric acidNitric acid 10 %Technical gradeMSDSNitric acid 15 %Technical gradeMSDSNitric acid 20 %Technical gradeMSDSNitric acid 25 %Technical gradeMSDSNitric acid 38 %Technical gradeMSDSNitric acid 53 %Technical gradeMSDSSPEZNitric acid 64.9 %Technical gradeMSDSSPEZNitric acid 64.9 %Technical grade, chemical pureNitric acid 69.5 %N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidoneN-Methyl-2-pyrrolidoneMSDSSPEZNorit (see also Activated charcoal)Norit D ULTRAMSDSNorit DX ULTRAMSDSNorit GAC 830 AFMSDSNorit PK 1-3MSDSNorit R 2030MSDSNorit RB 3MSDSNorit RB 3 WMSDSNorit RB 4 WMSDSNorit ROW 0,8 SupraMSDSNorit SA 2MSDSNorit SA 4 PAHMSDSNorit SAE SuperMSDSNorit SX 1 GMSDS


Oil binderOil binder BisorbBisorbMSDSOil binder BisorbBisorbMSDSOil binder SorbixMSDSOxalic acidOxalic acid dihydrateMSDSSPEZ


1-Propanol1-PropanolMSDS1-PropanolBiocide gradeMSDS2-Propanol2-PropanolMSDS2-PropanolBiocide gradeMSDS2-PropanolCosmetic grade2-Propanol 70 %Biocide gradeMSDS2-Propanol 70 %2-Propanol 70 %MSDSParaffinn-ParaffinC10/C13MSDSSPEZPaint thinnerPaint thinnerMSDSPaint thinnerType 007MSDSPaint thinnerType 2MSDSPatro LPatro L conc MSDSPatro L 35 Vol.-%MSDSPatro L 25 Vol.-%Patro NPatro N 27 Vol.-%MSDSPatro N 30 %MSDSPatro N 34 Vol.-%MSDSPatro N 44 Vol.-%MSDSPatro N 50 Vol.-%Patro N conc MSDSPatro N 25 Vol.-%Patro N 39 Vol.-%MSDSPatro N 46 Vol.-%Patro N 53 Vol.-%Patro SOL HTPatro SOL HT 48 Vol.-%MSDSPatro SOL HTMSDSPatro TerraPatro TerraMSDSPentanePentanePhosphoric acidPhosphoric acid 10 %MSDSPhosphoric acid 25 %MSDSPhosphoric acid 75 %MSDSSPEZPhosphoric acid 75 %Food gradePhosphoric acid 85 %MSDSSPEZPhosphoric acid 60 %MSDSPEG see Polyethylene glycolPolyethylene glycolPolyethylene glycol 200MSDSSPEZPolyethylene glycol 300Polyethylene glycol 400Polyethylene glycol 600Polyethylene glycol 6000Polypropylene glycolPolypropylene glycol 400Potassium aluminum sulfatePotassium aluminum sulfatePotassium bicarbonatePotassium bicarbonate 99-101 %Pharma gradePotassium carbonatePotassium carbonatePotassium carbonateFood gradePotassium carbonatePotassium carbonateFood gradePotassium chloridePotassium chloride 99 %Technical gradePotassium chlorideFeed gradePotassium chloride 99 %Food gradeMSDSPotassium hydroxidePotassium hydroxideMSDSSPEZPotassium monopersulfatePotassium monopersulfatPotassium nitratePotassium nitrateTechnical gradePotassium pentaboratePotassium pentaboratePotassium permanganatePotassium permanganat 98-99 %Technical gradePotassium permanganatfree flowingPotassium peroxydisulfate see Potassium persulfatePotassium persulfatePotassium persulfatPotash water glass see Potassium silicatePotassium silicatePotassium silicate solution 28-30 %MSDSSPEZPotassium tetraboratePotassium tetraboratePotassium tripolyphospatePotassium tripolyphospate solution 50 %Precal (see also Calcium hydroxide)Precal 50 SMSDSPrecal 54MSDSPrecal 72 20 %MSDSPrimolPrimol 542Pharma gradeProglyde (see also Dipropylene glycol dimethyl ether)Proglyde DMMMSDSPropylene carbonatePropylene carbonatePGDA see Propylene glycol diacetatePropylene glycol diacetatePropylene glycol diacetatePM see Propylene glycol methyl etherPropylene glycol methyl etherPropylene glycol methyl etherMSDSSPEZPGMEA see Propylene glycol methyl ether acetatePropylene glycol methyl ether acetatePropylene glycol methyl ether acetateMSDSSPEZPnP see Propylene glycol mono-n-propyl etherPropylene glycol mono-n-propyl etherPropylene glycol mono-n-propyl etherPropylene glycol n-butyl etherPropylene glycol n-butyl etherMSDSSPEZPPh see Propylene glycol phenyl etherPropylene glycol phenyl etherPropylene glycol phenyl etherPurac (see also Lactic acid)Purac FCC 80Food gradePurac PF 90Pharma gradePurmol 4 STPurmol 4 ST


Quartz sand (see also Silicium dioxide)Quartz sandQuickflock (see also Iron(II) sulfate)Quickflock SIron(II) sulfateQuickflock


Regenerating salt (see also Sodium chloride)Regenerating salt, Type K 18-5, coarseRegenit (see also Sodium chloride)Regenit tablet saltMSDSRegesal (see also Sodium chloride)Regesal compact saltMSDSRhodiasolvRhodiasolvMSDSSPEZ


Sodium chlorideBroxettenMSDSRock- and industrial saltMSDSRock- and industrial saltMSDSRock- and industrial saltMSDSRock- and industrial saltMSDSRock- and industrial saltMSDSRock- and industrial saltMSDSRock- and table saltFood gradeSolventnaphthaHydrosol A 250 RSolventnaphtha 170MSDSSolventnaphtha 200Solventnaphtha 200 NDMSDSSPEZSulfuric acidSulfuric acidMSDSSulfuric acid 10 %Technical gradeMSDSSulfuric acid 20 %MSDSSulfuric acid 25 %Technical gradeMSDSSulfuric acid 30 %Technical gradeMSDSSulfuric acid 32 %Technical gradeMSDSSulfuric acid 37 %Technical gradeMSDSSPEZSulfuric acid 50 %Technical gradeMSDSSulfuric acid 60 %Technical gradeMSDSSulfuric acid 70 %Technical gradeMSDSSulfuric acid 75 %Technical gradeMSDSSulfuric acid 78 %Technical gradeMSDSSulfuric acid 96 %Technical gradeMSDSSPEZSachtoflocSachtofloc 46.12MSDSSachtofloc 46.24MSDSSachtoklar (see also Polyaluminium chloride)SachtoklarMSDSSachtoklar 39MSDSSachtopur (see also Ammonium chloride)SachtopurMSDSScattering- and thawing salt (see also Sodium chloride)Scattering- and thawing saltMSDSShellShell GTL Solvent GS 250Sodium acetateSodium acetate trihydrateTechnical gradeSodium aluminateSodium aluminate 53-55 %stabilized FSodium aluminate 53-55 %unstabilizedSodium aluminate solutionSodium aluminate solution 7 %Sodium hydrogen carbonate see Sodium bicarbonateSodium bicarbonateSodium bicarbonateFood gradeSodium bicarbonateTechnical gradeMSDSSodium hydrogen sulfate see Sodium bisulfateSodium bisulfateSodium bisulfateMSDSSodium hydrogen sulfite solution see Sodium bisulfite solutionSodium bisulfite solutionSodium bisulfite solution 38-40 %MSDSSPEZSodium carbonateSodium carbonateheavyMSDSSodium carbonatelightMSDSSodium carbonatePharma grade, chemical pureSodium chlorateSodium chlorate 98-100 %MSDSSodium chloride solutionSodium chloride solution 26 %Sodium chlorite solutionSodium chlorite solution 25 %MSDSSPEZSodium chlorite solution 25 %Biocide gradeSodium chlorite solution 7.5 %MSDSSodium dithioniteSodium dithioniteSodium fluorideSodium fluoride 98-100 %Sodium formiatSodium formiatSodium gluconateSodium gluconateFood gradeSodium gluconateFood gradeSodium gluconateTechnical gradeSodium gluconateTechnical gradeSodium hexametaphosphateSodium hexametaphosphateMSDSSodium hydroxideSodium hydroxide 98-100 %MSDSSodium hydroxideSodium hydroxideMSDSSodium hypochloriteSodium hypochlorite solution 12-15 %MSDSSPEZSodium hypochlorite solutionBiocide gradeMSDSSodium disulfite see Sodium metabisulfiteSodium metabisulfiteSodium metabisulfiteFood gradeMSDSSodium metabisulfiteTechnical gradeMSDSSodium metaborateSodium metaborate 8 MMSDSSodium metasilicateSodium metasilicatemediumMSDSSodium nitrateSodium nitrateHQ free flowing, Technical gradeMSDSSodium nitrateHQ untreated, Technical gradeMSDSSPEZSodium nitrateMSDSSPEZSodium nitriteSodium nitriteHQ free flowing, Technical gradeSodium peroxodisulfate see Sodium persulfateSodium persulfateSodium persulfateSoda water glass solution see Sodium silicate solutionSodium silicate solutionSodium silicate solution 37-40 %MSDSSPEZSodium silicate solution 40-42 %Sodium silicate solution 48-50 %MSDSSPEZSodium silicate solution 50-52 %Sodium sulfateSodium sulfateMSDSSPEZSodium sulfideSodium sulfideSodium sulfiteSodium sulfite anhydrousSodium sulfiteFood gradeSodium tetraborateSodium tetraborate anhydrateSodium tetraborate decahydrateMSDSSPEZSodium tetraborate decahydrateType SPMSDSSodium tetraborate decahydrateType TGSodium tetraborate dehydratedMSDSSodium tetraborate dehydratedSodium tetraborate pentahydrateTechnical gradeMSDSSodium thiosulfateSodium thiosulfateMSDSSPEZSpezialbenzinSpezialbenzin 100-140 eaMSDSSpezialbenzin 30-75 eaMSDSSPEZSpezialbenzin 40-65 eaSpezialbenzin 60-95 eaMSDSSpezialbenzin 80-110 eaMSDSStyreneStyreneMSDSSPEZSüdflockSüdflock K2Sulfamic acidSulfamic acid 15 %SulfurSulfur 70-75 %Sulfur 80-90 %Sulfur 90-95 %SusocleanSusoclean 700 EntkalkerMSDSSusoclean Filzreiniger WR7MSDSSusoclean UF-Cleaner MSAMSDSSusoclean WR 30MSDSSusokalSusokal B 25Susokal B 40 KonzSusokal Ferrosolv GPSusokal SO GL 2Susokal SO GL 3Susokal SO GL 4Sodium benzoateSodium benzoateMSDS


Tripotassium phosphateTripotassium phosphateTriacetinEdenor GTATriacetinMSDSTalcTalc, HB-M10BTalc, Type HB-M45BTartaric acidTartaric acidFood gradeTBAc see tert-Butyl acetateTestbenzinTestbenzin 135-180MSDSTestbenzin 140-170 eaMSDSSPEZTestbenzin 145-200Testbenzin 145-200 eaMSDSSPEZTestbenzin 180-210Testbenzin 180-210 eaMSDSSPEZTestbenzin 190-245 eaMSDSSPEZTestbenzin 230-265 eaMSDSSPEZTetrafluoroboric acidTetrafluoroboric acid 50 %THF see TetrahydrofuranTetrahydrofuranTetrahydrofuranMSDSSPEZTetrapotassium pyrophosphateTetrapotassium phosphateTetrapotassium pyrophosphateTetrasodium pyrophosphateTetrasodium pyrophosphateTolueneTolueneMSDSSPEZTriethanolamineTriethanolamine 85 %MSDSSPEZTriethanolamine 85 %with 15 % waterMSDSTriethanolamine 99 %pureMSDSSPEZTriethanolamine 99 %with 15 % waterMSDSTriethylamineTriethylamineTriethylene glycolTriethylene glycolMSDSSPEZTPG see Tripropylene glycolTripropylene glycolTripropylene glycolMSDSSPEZTPM see Tripropylene glycol methyl etherTripropylene glycol methyl etherTripropylene glycol methyl etherMSDSSPEZTPGBE see Tripropylene glycol n-butyl etherTPnB see Tripropylene glycol n-butyl etherTripropylene glycol n-butyl etherTripropylene glycol n-butyl etherTrisodium citrateTrisodium citrateFood gradeTrisodium phosphate dodecahydrateTrisodium phosphate dodecahydrateTrisodium phosphateTrisodium phosphateTrisodium phosphate


Urea solutionUrea solution 32.5 %MSDSUrea solution 40 %MSDSUrea solution 45 %MSDSUreaUreatreated, Technical gradeUreaTechnical gradeMSDS


WaschverdünnungWaschverdünnung 622without ToluolMSDSWaterWaterdemineralizedMSDSSPEZ


XyleneXyleneMSDSXylenedenaturated with 6 % Butyl acetate


ZetagZetag 4100Zetag 4105Zetag 4110Zetag 4125Zetag 4139Zetag 4145Zetag 7557Zetag 7563Zetag 7587Zetag 8140Zetag 8147Zetag 8160Zetag 9018Zetag 9048 FSZetag 9116Zetag 9218Zetag 9248 FSZinc chlorideZinc chloride


n-Butyl acetate see Butyl acetaten-Propyl acetaten-Propyl acetate 99 %MSDSSPEZ


tert-Butyl acetatetert-Butyl acetatetert-Butanol see tert-Butyl alcoholtert-Butyl alcoholtert-Butyl alcoholMSDSSPEZ

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